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About Bardien Pienaar


I am a woman with a story of my own, a full life filled with family and friends and opportunities and to the outside world, there was nothing I could have needed or wanted more. But, I always felt something was “missing”, until one day my life completely fell apart and I had to do some inner soul searching about who I am, who I want to be and to understand that what had happened to me could not define me.

Independent and raised by strong powerful parents and having had so many wonderful opportunities in life; realising how grateful and blessed I was, I also knew that being the eldest child, my own feelings and desires were often not expressed or voiced.

So I did I change that to a now life of Passion, Purpose and Abundance?

I started reading every inspiring and motivational book I could and therein, I started my Neurolinguistic journey. I graduated to become a Master Practitioner and soon realised the impact I could have on the world and how many other people could be dealing with the same situations as I had. I embraced my inner being and created space and time for my soul to find peace in nature and at God’s feet….. in complete silence, feeling the hurt, the pain and then realising that I had to learn to love myself for who I was, for who I am and for who I would want to be in this world, knowing that I take responsibility for my health and my own happiness…


  1. I need a healthy mind and a healthy body to be able to experience life at its fullest.
  2. Communicating and working with others is my true passion and that no matter where the road may lead me that I will find my way to exactly where I need to be.
  3. I am going to live my best life I need to look inward to my inner self, my truth and my spirit and from there is where I will take every step.


My mission is to inspire others to unlock their full potential and create the business and life of their dreams.

With a deep commitment to empowering others to become the best version of themselves, I believe that change is possible for everyone. I strive to inspire others to reclaim their power, step into their truth, live with intention, and move in the direction of your dreams.

I believe we came here to live a full life. Not to play small or be chained to a desk at a job we hate, but to make a life, not a living.

I have been very fortunate to have spent an exciting and interesting career the last 20 years. I am truly blessed to have had both powerful coaches and mentors and to be afforded the opportunity to grow in various roles. I am a visionary optimist and I have seized all opportunities when they presented themselves. Later in my life I realised that understanding my personality type has become crucial to our business and personal lives. Lessons learned in my personal life and being able to work through my own personal failures became a tool for giving back and being able to see others through different lenses. I learn so much from others on a daily basis. Utilising my own challenges has become a powerful mechanism to create additional opportunities where I get to focus on my strengths and what makes me unique in the work place. I have worked in various industries ranging from Consulting within Banking, Manufacturing and Automotive as well as Government and now mostly recently within the Financial Services industry. I am passionate about Customer Service particularly within Contact Centres where during Covid we needed to rely on technology but with a human touch. (which I fall in love with every time. We certainly live in interesting times and we have the opportunity to create our own destiny.)

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